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How to Fix a Printer Paper Jam: 5 Easy Steps (Inkjet, Laser, All Types)

How to Fix a Printer Paper Jam: 5 Easy Steps (Inkjet, Laser, All Types)

Printer Paper Jam are a common source of frustration at work. As soon as your print spits out crumpled bits of paper or seizes up completely, you go from feeling productive to completely stop. Here is how to resolve this issue if this is you.

Turn off and unplug your printer to clear a paper jam. Empty the tray or cartridge of all paper. Next, to access the jammed paper, open the front, back, and top access doors. Pull the paper gently so as not to tear it. Make an effort to draw towards the rollers. If unsure, refer to your user manual.

These are the instructions to how to unjam a printer. We’ll go over some advice and cautions for dealing with jammed paper from device. along with particulars about the various printer brands (Inkjet, Laser, All Types).

how to fix a paper jam

How to Remove Jammed Paper from a Printer

Attempt to control your anger before we begin. Sure, it annoys to get a paper jam. However, fixing tech issues with rage isn’t always a good idea. Furthermore, it should only take a few minutes, so don’t panic. Follow these steps.

Turn Off and Unplug the Printer

Safety First: Always start by turning off the printer and unplugging it. This is a crucial step to avoid any potential electrical hazards or damage to the printer’s internal mechanisms.

Open the Printer

Access the Jam: Carefully open the printer’s access panels. Most printers have a rear access panel or a tray that can be removed to reveal the jammed paper. Consult your printer’s manual if you’re unsure how to open it.

Locate and Remove the Jammed Paper

Gentle Removal: Once you’ve located the jammed paper, gently pull it out. Avoid tearing the paper. If the paper does tear, make sure to remove all the pieces to prevent further jams.

  • Check the Path: After removing the paper, inspect the paper path and remove any remaining debris or small pieces of paper.
  • Use Both Hands: If the paper is firmly stuck, use both hands to gently pull it out to avoid tearing.

Check for Any Remaining Obstructions

Inspect Thoroughly: With the jammed paper removed, take a moment to check the inside of the printer for any leftover bits of paper or other obstructions that might cause another problem.

Close the Printer and Reconnect

Secure Everything: Once you’re sure all obstructions are cleared, close all the printer’s panels securely.

Test the Printer

Perform a Test Print: After re-connecting the printer, turn it on and perform a test print. This will help ensure that everything is functioning correctly and that the paper path is clear.

Prevent Future Jams

Quality Paper: Use high-quality, suitable paper for your printer to reduce the likelihood of jams. Proper Loading: Ensure paper is loaded correctly into the tray, not overfilled, and aligned properly. Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean your printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent dust and debris build-up.

By following these steps, you can effectively remove a jammed piece of paper from your printer and take preventive measures to avoid future jams.

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Basic Video for Every Type of Printer

This video guide will show you how to fix printer paper jam. Additionally, a few pointers for avoiding paper jams in the future are covered.
Although the text to voice audio makes it a little challenging to listen to, it is well-liked and accurate.

7 Tips and Warnings To Fix a Paper Jam

  1. If you are unable to fix printer paper jams from the back of the machine, you may need to remove it from the front.
  2. Because removing paper from the printer’s paper tray roughly can result in malfunctions, be careful when doing this.
  3. You should avoid trying to force the rollers to move because doing so could damage the printer.
  4. Before turning off and unplugging the printer, you should cancel any printing jobs that are presently running.
  5. The majority of printers have sliding mechanisms that allow different kinds and sizes of paper to be inserted. A paper jam may occur if the slider is not setup properly.
    Think about utilising standard printer paper. Paper jams are commonly caused by folded, labelled and speciality paper because of their unusual dimensions. Furthermore, not every device can print on construction paper.
  6. Avoid packing the printer tray to the brim. An overfull paper tray is a common cause of paper jams.
  7. Use identical-sized sheets when printing multiple pages.

Fix Paper Jam in Canon Pixma Printers

This excellent guide will help you unclog a paper jam in your Canon printer. While it works with most Canon printers, it is displayed on a Pixma model.

Resolve Paper Jams in Canon Pixma Devices

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How to Fix Paper Jam an HP Printer Jam

This is how to fix an HP printer’s paper jam error (E4). The OfficeJet Pro 6900 printer is the model shown in the video.

Visit this support page for additional information on how to unclog an HP printer’s paper jam.

How to Fix an Epson Printer Jam

This video demonstrates how to free an Epson printer’s jammed paper. It is displayed on a model L3110.

Resolve Paper Jams in Canon Pixma Devices

Here is Epson’s support page with more information about clearing paper jams in printers.


No matter how advanced your printer is, a single sheet of improperly folded paper can bring your workflow to a standstill. Paper jams may seem daunting, but they are typically caused by straightforward mechanical issues that can be resolved with the right guidance.

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Printer Paper Jam FAQs: Understanding, Fixing, and Preventing

What causes a printer paper jam?

Paper jams can be caused by incorrect paper types or sizes, overloaded paper trays, damaged rollers, debris inside the printer, misaligned paper, and high humidity.

How can I fix a paper jam in my printer?

To fix a jam, turn off and unplug your printer, gently remove jammed paper and debris, check for misalignments, then plug in and restart your printer, following any model-specific instructions.

How can I prevent paper jams in my printer?

Use recommended paper types and sizes, avoid overloading the tray, align paper correctly, store paper in dry conditions, and regularly clean the printer’s rollers and interior.

Can a paper jam damage my printer?

Yes, frequent jams or improper handling of jammed paper can damage the printer, especially if paper pieces are left behind or if internal mechanisms are harmed during removal.

What should I do if I can't remove the jammed paper from my printer?

Refer to the printer’s manual for additional access points. If the jam persists or is inaccessible, consider seeking professional assistance to avoid damaging the printer.